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016 - Not Dying of Coronavirus

016 - Not Dying of Coronavirus

August 3, 2020

I speak to Sophia, a healthcare worker and a mate, about her experience contracting - and not dying of - COVID-19.  We talk about what it's like... the shocking treatment she received in Victorian Government hotel quarantine... the all-staff email she sent to an entire DHHS department just to get them to do something...  and why she's currently got her face stuck in a big tin of Nescafe Blend 43. 


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015 - Animal Rights Activism (ft. Betty Melon)

015 - Animal Rights Activism (ft. Betty Melon)

July 20, 2020

I chat to dedicated animal rights activist and friend Betty Melon, and learn about AR activism, consistent anti-oppression, the communication breakdowns that happen between AR and non-AR activists and how we might avoid them.  Also we discuss far-right kooks who hang about AR rallies with raw steaks in their mouth clearly loving life, and various big-name vegan foghorns like Joey Carbstrong, Freelee the Banana Girl and Anonymous for the Voiceless - and how they don't represent consistent anti-oppression.  


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014 - The Lads Society (ft. slackbastard)

014 - The Lads Society (ft. slackbastard)

July 3, 2020

slackbastard unreasonably forces me to eat musk sticks while we talk about Australian fascist group The Lads Society. 

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013 - ANTI-LOCKDOWN! (ft. Cam Smith)

013 - ANTI-LOCKDOWN! (ft. Cam Smith)

June 19, 2020

Cam Smith ( and I talk about the Aussie anti-lockdown movement, and we award the GOLDEN TRUTHSEEKER BADGE to the best anti-lockdown figurehead!  Who will win?!???  *METAL AF NEW BANNER DESIGN by the legend Poongoat (  *Buy Cam Smith’s e-Book:  ***SUPPORT ME ON PATREON:

012 - Staying Safe at Rallies

012 - Staying Safe at Rallies

June 5, 2020

Solidarity with BLM.  Justice for George Floyd and for Black & Indigenous people murdered by the state locally and abroad.  Tips and thoughts on how to stay safe - and useful - at rallies.  How - if at all - to rally during COVID-19, what to do before & during a rally, what/who to watch out for, and a few observations on what happens in more tense situations.  Donation links can be found here:  click.

011 - WAR ROOM: PANDEMIC: CHINA (ft. Dr. Kaz)

011 - WAR ROOM: PANDEMIC: CHINA (ft. Dr. Kaz)

May 22, 2020

How to express concerns over Chinese surveillance state apparatus, and the threat of it coming over here, without falling into the company of unhinged conspiracy theorists? Can we ask questions about how China has handled the pandemic without playing into the hands of nationalists, racists and war hawks? Are there seriously 5G surveillance state promo commercials in China?? What's the HUMAN FLESH SEARCH ENGINE???

To answer these questions I talked to Dr Kaz, an Asian Studies researcher at an Australian university, about all things China. An excellent yarn! All this and more in this... the latest ep of WAR ROOM: PANDEMIC.

010 - PRISONS ft. Debbie Kilroy & Jock Palfreeman

010 - PRISONS ft. Debbie Kilroy & Jock Palfreeman

May 8, 2020

PRISONS MEGA EP!  I speak to Debbie Kilroy of Sister’s Inside (12:23) about decarceration, the work she does and her experience recovering from COVID-19.  I also talk to Jock Palfreeman (59:19) who spent 12 years unjustly behind bars in Bulgaria before being sort-of-but-not-quite released last year.  Jock is the chairman of the Bulgarian Prisoners Association - we speak about prisons in Bulgaria, his situation, how we can help Jock, and how regressive we both are.  I again introduce the episode from the broken hull of my pretty Ruby Princess, whilst riding my Pangolin King.

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009 - 5G Deradiation Meditation

009 - 5G Deradiation Meditation

April 24, 2020

I speak to senior reporting at 10daily Josh Butler about good coronavirus reporting vs. economic death cult punditry (8:30). I chat with science writer Thomas Crow about coronavirus and 5G myths & facts (41:19). I command my army of bats & pangolins from the deck of the Ruby Princess. A cop issues a summary notice to someone buying non-essential baby food.  And Zachary of MAASC conducts a premium 5G deradiation wellness meditation.

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008 - I Ride The Ruby Princess

008 - I Ride The Ruby Princess

April 10, 2020

I talk to Nathan Leitch of Barpirdhila Foundation (9:59) about their fundraiser to support Indigenous artists & community affected by COVID-19; yarn with Anthony Kelly of the Police Accountability Project (43:24) about increased copper powers in the pandemic and how they’re misusing them; and I visit & revisit some old mates, such as prominent Australian nationalists, Nazis, conspiracy theorists & cooked Facebook groups, to learn about the shit that they’re making up about coronavirus.

I record The Poor Can Feed The Birds aboard the hull of the abandoned Ruby Princess, where I ride atop a mighty, enormous pangolin steed.  I control an army of horseshoe bats that flock around me like a cloud of night.  We steer the disease hulk around the nation.  I am Dread Coronavirus.  Support me on Patreon:

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007 - Bit Of A Chest Bug Going Round MEGA SUPER EP

007 - Bit Of A Chest Bug Going Round MEGA SUPER EP

March 27, 2020

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In this MEGA SUPER EP I speak to:

- Jason Marshall, a lawyer specialising in residential tenancy law, about tenants, landlords and What Is To Be Done to protect people from getting booted out during the pandemic.

- Harry, a theatre technician in a Victorian hospital who's bracing himself for the onslaught...  with some valuable fkn advice for you about what tf you should do.

- Wade who lives in Barcelona, Spain.  Spain's two weeks ahead of us.  Wade's basically living our future.  Listen to this crystal ball vision into what Australia will soon be seeing.




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